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Em's Heart Antiques specializes in antique linens, monogrammed linen and vintage textiles selected for both the home decorator and the serious collector.  We also offer information on the care of antique textiles, as well as linen care products by LeBlanc and acid free tissue paper for proper storage of vintage and antique linens.


 Our linen collection includes fine vintage and antique napkins, monogrammed linen, tablecloths, towels, shams and pillowcases, sheets, pillows, hankies, doilies, table runners and lace. Victorian and vintage cottage styles are well represented.  Collectors of antique lace will be enchanted with our growing selection of fine and rare hand made lace from around the world.  We update our listings often with items from our large inventory.  All of our pieces are offered ready for use or display in your home. 


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I am charmed to think that using vintage and antique textiles is now considered a responsible way to "go green".  Who'd have thought that all this time I was just promoting practical, planet saving habits!  I can't think of a more fun or beautiful way to just do it.



Collectors of antique monograms and embroideries will find many beautiful pieces in our recent and upcoming listings.  Have a look at our recently listed linens for great ideas and collecting too...So many pretties remain from previous months as have a look at all our goodies, which can be found by clicking the different categories on the toolbar at the bottom of each and every page. 





My garden inspires my passion for colorful antique textiles and embroideries... watch for many beautiful society silk and Madeira embroideries over the coming weeks and months...

Find me on twitter @EmsHeart!


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