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Finally, an answer to the burning question, "What exactly is a 'pippin'"????


The following information was sent to me by Phyllis, a faithful Em's Heart devotee (she's also my step mom!) and one who is known for her ability to locate information on any subject!

Nut Roasting, Pippin Paring, and Wedding Cake Dreams

Although not to be taken seriously, pippin paring and the roasting of nuts were old matrimonial divination games often played during Halloween and All Souls Day festivities.

Nut Roasting Results

  Place two nuts (usually hazel-nuts) side by side on a roasting grate over a fire.

  If you are doing this for several couples, or different pairings, make sure you name the nuts for the supposed     lovers.

  A nut burning brightly and quietly is equated to having sincerity of affection.

  If one of the nuts cracks and jumps, this could foretell unfaithfulness.

  When the nuts burn together, then the couple will be married.

Pippin Paring Prophecy

  To discover the first letter of the name of a future husband, peel a pippin (apple) in   a single spiral strip.

  Take the paring and swing it three times around your head, and then let it drop.

  The paring will fall and land in the shape of a letter which will be the initial of a future spouse's name.

Future Spouse Dreams

  Sleep with a piece of wedding cake under your pillow.

  Wear your pjs or nightgown inside out.

  Put a mirror under your pillow.

  Rub lemon peel on your headboard.

  Place some mistletoe under your pillow.

  Look for and count nine stars every night for nine nights in a row.

  Find some daisies and put them under your pillow.

  Look for a falling star on St. Lawrence's Day (August 10th).

  Before going to bed, brush your hair three times in front of a mirror.


  Take a pair of shoes.

  Place a sprig of rosemary in one shoe, and a sprig of thyme in the other.

  Sprinkle them with water three times.

  Position the shoes at the foot of your bed to have a dream of your future spouse.

Boiled Egg Superstition

  Cut a boiled egg in half.

  Remove the yolk from one half and fill the cavity with salt.

  Put the egg back together and try to eat it before going to sleep.

  Whoever who brings you some water to drink in your dream will be your future mate.

Mules' Ears

  Find a mule with really long ears.

  Ask it if you will fall in love soon.

  The answer is yes if the mule shakes its head.

  If only one ear moves, the answer is maybe.

  If the mule is still, with no ears moving, the answer is no.

Apple Stems

  Begin twisting the stem of an apple.

  Say the names of those you might marry.

  The name of your future spouse will be the one you are saying when the stem falls off.


Phyllis gleaned this information from Sheri and Bob Stritof, marriage experts and author's of  The Everything Great Marriage Book which was published in October of 2003 by Adams Media.

 ~ Sheri & Bob Stritof

Thank you, Phyllis.  We can all sleep peacefully now!

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