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Additional Buggy Blankets

Item Number S05904, S06004

The first set of photos is of  item S05904.  This buggy
blanket is very similar to S04504.  It has two layers and the same lapped edge.  There is no label but I'm quite sure
this is a Chase.  It is almost flawless, having a small 1/2" wear spot and that's it!  The inner wool batting has bunched in the corners but I will  redistribute it before shipping.  It measures 52" X 56".  Pristine condition, c.1860-1890's

The second set of photos is of  item #S06004.  This buggy
blanket has the same fabulous colorations as the other two but is a single
layer piece.  It may once have been two layers and was simply divided and  made into two pieces, I am not sure. The binding is the only real wear on this one.  There is a small faded spot in the center of the green that
really gets lost.  It looks worse in the photo.  Also there are two
weaving slips where you can see an inch or two of a base thread that the horse
hair has been woven into.  This is common in very old textiles and is not
considered a flaw.   There is no label on this one and because it isn't
like the other Chase pieces I've seen I can't say if that was the maker.  It
measures 48" X 60".  This one would work beautifully as a hearth rug.  Excellent condition, c.1860-1890's


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