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Acid Free Tissue Paper

Storage of Antique and Vintage Textiles:  I store my personal collection in acid free tissue paper when not in use.  The worst thing you can do for an old textile is place it in contact with wood or painted surfaces, which are highly acidic. This practice will eventually degrade the fibers and can cause browning. If you plan to pass your things along to your children or grandchildren, I do recommend they be stored properly.

   Our acid free tissue paper is archival quality and un-buffered.  The buffering agent used in some acid free tissue papers, called calcium carbonate, can provide an extra layer of protection against acidic surfaces but it also can interact with vegetable dyes that were widely used in antiquity.  Additionally, this agent is known to be harmful to wool and silk.  We therefore have chosen an un-buffered, high quality acid free tissue paper that is suitable for all textiles, sterling silver and your other fine collectibles.

Storage of Fine Linens and Antique Textiles:  Store your antique and vintage linens close at hand.  If you make the whole storage process too fussy you won't want to use them!  Place a piece of acid free tissue over a cardboard pants hanger and carefully drape your pieces over it.  Then drape a piece of acid free tissue directly over the linens to keep the dust off and hang them in the closet.  I have a few pieces I keep in my old oak sideboard.  Those are folded with the acid free tissue layered between and among the folds.  You can proudly display your things on antique shelving too.  Just line the shelves with several layers of acid free tissue.  If you haven't used your pieces in a year or so, unfold and change out the tissue.  Never store your antique and vintage textiles in a plastic container.  This promotes mildew and deterioration.

Archival Quality Acid Free Tissue

100 Sheets Large size 24" x 36"

Item Number C14805  $19.95

100 sheets archival quality Acid Free Tissue paper

shipped rolled flat in a tube or  folded flat in 4 packs of 25 sheets.




100 Sheets Small size 15" x 20"

Item Number C14810  $12.95

100 sheets archival quality Acid Free Tissue paper

shipped rolled flat in a tube


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